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Residential lighting

Residential lighting

Lighting in residential areas serves many purposes, from cultivating an inviting and friendly atmosphere to creating a safe, secure environment where residents can feel comfortable to move around freely. Nowadays creating a sustainable, eco-friendly living environment is also of great importance, making the lighting choice all the more significant.
·With COCCOLUX LED lighting, residential areas can add reliable lighting that casts an excellent color on the surroundings; whether in crisp cool tones or soft, warm ones, is your choice. Furthermore the lack of IR and UV rays increases comfort, enhances clarity and is healthier for residents;
·Because LEDs contain no toxic substances such as mercury, they're a sustainable solution and a great way for residential complexes to go green.
·The high energy efficiency and long life span also help reduce costs, adding to their sustainability while helping home and property owners save money on operating costs.
Apartment complexes, condominiums, private homes and any other kind of residential area will look better and be a safer place to live with COCCOLUX LED lighting.

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